JMS News††† July 2008



Q. My current copier doesnít have fax, print or scan ability can I add any of these options?

A. There are a number of factors involved in adding options to an existing copier. One consideration is if the copier ever had the ability to add the options. No analog copiers can accommodate fax, print or scan. Most digitals that we sell can have any of these options added. However, as new models are released, manufacturers may quit supporting older software platforms, so adding options that require adding drivers, require compatibility with your computer software. Another consideration is the age of your copier, as the machine ages, accessories are less available.


Q. I have a service contract on my current copier and am thinking of upgrading, how will that affect my coverage?

A. Provided you upgrade with JMS Business Machines, we will transfer the time and copies remaining on the contract from your old machine to your new one. In addition, when the contract is due for renewal, sometimes we can reduce your cost per copy charge so you can actually save money by investing in new equipment.


Q. I am interested in upgrading my equipment but I still owe on my current lease, can I upgrade?

A. Upgrading is certainly a possibility even if your current equipment is under lease. However, each case would have to be examined by a JMS Sales Representative to ensure that itís in your best interest to upgrade at that time.


Q. Why should I replace my existing equipment when it works fine?

A. Deciding to upgrade when everything is working can sometimes be the wisest choice. Rather than being in a situation where you must buy, you have the opportunity to discuss your options with one of our sales representatives and make your choice based on whatís best for you and your company, not simply most expedient.





Beware of toner pirates. Toner pirates are people who charge an exhorbitant price for toner. Often, someone will call, identify himself as from JMS and tell you that the cost of your toner is going to increase and that you should place an order now. Unfortunately, the price will be three or four times greater than it is from authorized sources. If you are positive that you have been the victim of a toner pirate, either refuse the toner once it arrives or return it. Please note that JMS does not solicit toner orders via telephone. Also, if you have a Complete Contract, toner is included.

Quick Tip


If your copier is jamming on humid or rainy days, try a fresh ream of paper.



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